Xinx Broadcast Chat

Project Description
Broadcast Chat is intended for chatting on LAN.
It uses UDP broadcast for sending message across network.
Its not just a dumb messenger, it allows many facilities like user presence detection, Asking questions e.t.c.

  • Presence Detection
  • Presence Notification to other users
  • Buzzing
  • Ask Yes/No Questions
  • Send Message Pop UP
  • Sits in SysTray, and show notifications
  • AutoComplete for some common messages
  • Auto Start on Log on
  • Standardized Thread termination
  • Removed Sound files dependency
  • Added System Sounds
  • Save User Preferences
  • Added always OnTop
  • Can Clear Chat
  • Can Save Chat

  • Blocking of Server Thread during Question Pop Up
  • No sound files needed
  • Bug removed in SysTray menu exit method


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